To eliminate the headache of hiring multiple contractors to finish a job, Prefab Granite Depot is your one-stop source for kitchen remodels and bath remodels in San Diego!

We have skilled in house installers and designers that do much more than just kitchen countertops!  We offer a range of services to help you create your dream home including tile and custom cabinet installers. For any finishing touches, we offer plumbing and electrical services by seasoned professionals to help with the rearrangement or reinstallation of your sinks, outlets, lighting, and much more!

  • Full Kitchen/Bath Remodel: includes 3D remodel design for your approval prior to installation.
  • Built-In Barbeques: essential for summer!
  • Custom Fabrication: for special touches to your remodel.
  • Built-In Hutch or Buffet Area: beautiful touch to make your kitchen and surrounding areas look fully custom.
  • Fireplace: make a statement with an eye catching, custom fireplace.
  • Decorative Backsplashes: add a touch of color and class.
  • Natural Stone Showers: wildly popular! The new wave of bathroom design.



Our granite is 100% natural stone cut from mountains in India, Brazil, Italy, and China.  We offer over 50 colors to choose from ensuring youll definitely find something that fits your taste for your kitchen or bathroom.  Additionally, our material can be found in both custom and prefabricated slabs. And we do not stop there! We also offer a variety of quartz, marble, travertine and limestone countertops!

At Prefab Granite Depot we use 3/4″ (2cm) thick granite mounted on a 5/8″ plywood subtop. This method of installing is essential to the lifelong integrity of your countertops.


All of our cabinets are solid wood construction, made from North American Maple, Oak, or German Beech wood.  The cabinets are offered in a variety of different styles and colors for you to choose from.